Correct Operation Method of China Enameled Wire


    The quality of China enameled wire depends although to a large extent depends on the objective circumstances paint, wire and other raw materials and machinery and equipment quality. It should do many thing that can produce high-quality enameled wire. It should take care of baking, annealing, speed and other issues in the operation and be aware of their mutual relations . At the same time, if people have not mastered technique, not do a good job of work and stop tour finishing work, the process does not improve health. Even if the objective conditions better, it do not produce high-quality enameled wire. So we must take care of enameled wire production process seriously in order to produce high-quality enameled wire products.

    Now let our xinyu enameled wire manufacturer, a professional manufacturers to introduce the correct method of operation of enameled wire.

    1, Paint charter before driving should be open fan to make the furnace air circulation to slow. Ignition temperature of the furnace and the catalytic domain with an electric preheating, the temperature of the catalytic zone reaches a predetermined catalyst.

    2, The film should be measured once an hour. Before measuring, micrometer card correction keep zero.

    3, Check all moving parts properly. Pay attention to put a spool of elastic to prevent rolling head, and drawing a fine break and diameter.

    4, During enameled wire production operations, it should also pay attention to the explosion and fire problems, mainly inside the furnace fire phenomenon.

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