She has a fat, slightly fat baby

  • She has a fat, slightly fat baby face, inlaid with a pair of small, eye-catching little eyelids all day long; she has a can say but can��t speak at the crucial moment. The most peculiar thing is that she started wearing a pair of small glasses from the kindergarten. As the age grows, the glasses often look different. What are the thick-frame glasses, the lace glasses, the most windy, She actually wore a pair of red wide-brimmed glasses that look like a woman Cigarettes For Sale, but she is handsome! Everyone often said: "Hey! So stinky, glasses are faster than clothes!" She often self-proclaimed herself as the first "glass girl" in the super invincible universe! God, is it a bit too narcissistic? Hey, tell you the truth! "She" is me, I am the "first invincible universe glasses girl"!, quiet and quiet, let me talk about my advantages, then it can go more. What is lively and cheerful, optimistic, hard work, nothing to look for, nostalgia... Hey, the last two are joking, I am not like that! I am still very beautiful, which girl does not love beauty? I can't be excused! But what I am pursuing is refreshing beauty and natural beauty. The ponytail is high and combed, revealing a smooth forehead, and raising a bright and touching smile Cigarette Online. This is the symbol of my beauty. How are you being fascinated?antages... No more and no less, the most troublesome thing for me is carelessness. Every time I take the exam, I lose points because of this bad problem. For this reason, I can spend a lot of effort, but it is still in vain. My mother said that I lack the determination to correct my shortcomings. I am too relaxed about my own requirements. Maybe my mother said yes. It seems that "the revolution has not been successful, and comrades still need to work hard"! Lovely and kind, come and help me!s me, the first girl in the super invincible universe, an optimistic, up-and-coming little girl. You, do you like me? Everyone will always encounter one or two opponents of your strength in their lifetime Cigarettes Online. And I have an opponent who is comparable to me - Jiang Jinyi How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.first saw him, he was just a transfer student, with a face that was honest and honest. The first feeling for me is that this person is not very good, because after all, every time a new student is not as knowledgeable, and don't mention any general excellence. But I, after all, still underestimated him.end of the exam, I heard that personal mathematics was the same as me, and I went over to see it, it was the new Jiang Jinyithen, my competitive career has begun. When we take the exam, we will always have a higher score than one. Every time naturally, my language score is higher, and he, mathematics will always be two points higher than me. It may be because of the results Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, we will quarrel because of small contradictions when we meet, this should be the narrow road of the legendas. And he easily wrote the answer. I heard that he was alone in the whole year! I took the test with a high score of 0.5 and 5, but I have to say that his composition is also very well written. The language is beautiful and vivid. In fact, unlike a boy's composition, it is like a girl who is graceful and in his spare time. What "the tears of love, the sin of love" is definitely a great poet's work, but he wrote it so easily. If there is a recommendation for a small poet on campus, I will definitely hold my opponent up.